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Welcome to Novelty Compliance, the specialist and consultant in all matters of applied product safety legislation. Novelty Compliance is specialized in the needs of emerging and medium-sized companies and supports your business in the field of European and national laws around B2C and B2B goods. For specific questions regarding innovative technologies, the training of your employees and the establishment of structures for a consistent success of your company, we offer you the necessary experience and expertise.

Novelty Compliance's range of services includes several areas of expertise and covers various areas of legislation. Find out how Novelty Compliance will support you.

Essential Requirements

ABC of Product Compliance The essential requirments in legal acts like the Low Voltage Directive define what hazards have to be prevented and what goals


The EU Blue Guide

ABC of Product Compliance In the second video of the ABC of product compliance we continue with the letter B. Today it stands for ‚Blue