About Novelty Compliance

Dipl.-Ing. Marlon Schrimpf, M.Sc.

"Novelty Compliance helps you sell your products in compliance with applicable product legislation."

Have you ever asked yourself:

  • How you can still keep track of the legal requirements?
  • How to find out which product legislation issues need to be taken into account during development?
  • Whether you are well prepared in the event of a market surveillance measure?
  • How to procure components and products without unplanned delays to your development process?
  • How to train your staff so that they are adept at dealing with the legal requirements?

Would it not feel better, if:

  • You could fully concentrate on the development and distribution of your products and have clear instructions on how to act with regard to legal aspects in your company?
  • What if you could create your technical documentation "on the side" and you didn't have to worry about the necessary templates?
  • You would no longer have to worry because your employees develop and produce your products in accordance with the legal requirements and your technical documentation is also complete and correct?
  • On top of that, you would have a trained expert for compliance issues in your company who could deal with immediately arising questions independently?

I know this and therefore there is Novelty Compliance

Small and medium-sized enterprises in particular have these or similar problems. They usually do not have independent departments to constantly track and comply with the new requirements of EU and national legislators and authorities.

In everyday life, I have regularly gained the impression that companies know subliminally that they have to do something, but need external support to tackle these things concretely and successfully.

In my work in Brussels for small, medium-sized and large companies, I have come to the conclusion that day-to-day business is difficult or impossible to combine with the constantly changing requirements without the appropriate know-how and extensive manpower.

In 2021, I therefore founded Novelty Compliance in the Black Forest to help your company with lean solutions in the area of product regulation. From a simple checklist to the implementation of a compliance management system, I will give you a helping hand so that you can focus on your real business and your long-term success.