UK 'DoC' Perfect

Straightforward, Fast and Verified

Since 1st January 2021, it is mandatory to declare the conformity agains the British jurisdiction when selling certain products in the UK. Depending on the legal framework, the UK Declaration of Conformity must be drawn up and made available to market players, customers and authorities on request. For you, Novelty Compliance UK 'DoC' Perfect offers a direct and correct way to fulfil this legal requirement. Through the associated verification of your declaration, you obtain the necessary level of security and thus increase the confidence towards customers and authorities.

Authorised representatives

With Novelty Compliance UK 'DoC' Perfect you get:

A digital template to create your declaration of conformity
A detailed guide to filling in the form with tips from practice
A unique and personal consultation on your declaration of conformity
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UK 'DoC' Perfect​

by Novelty Compliance
Net (incl. 19 % VAT: € 474.81)
  • Legally compliant declaration of conformity template
  • Completion guide with tips and tricks
  • One-hour personal consultation on your declarations of conformity


  • For manufacturers in the United Kingdom
  • For manufacturers in the EU and EEA (insofar as customers, distributors or fulfilment service providers request the declaration)
  • For importers in the United Kingdom
  • For authorised representatives in the United Kingdom

An editable declaration of conformity template in German and English in various formats (*.docx, *.odt, *.pdf) and detailed instructions for completion in German and English for the declaration of conformity (*.pdf).

By appointment, counselling can take place by telephone, telephone conference, video conference or in writing by e-mail. The offer includes a one-hour counselling session.

You will usually receive our offer within three working days. After financial processing, you will receive the documents after two working days at the latest. The personal consultation will then take place at a date of your choice.

The template of the declaration of conformity can be adapted by you. The filling-in instructions cannot be edited, but can be adapted to your specific needs in consultation with you. Please contact us in advance.

Of course, you can also create such a declaration on your own. However, for the creation of a template that complies with the legal requirements, you should plan for approx. 2-4 hours of time with an appropriately qualified specialist. Our offer therefore provides you with a time advantage and security through the one-hour exchange on your declarations.

First of all, a correct declaration of conformity is part of the legal requirements. However, the declaration is also the first document that is checked by customers and market surveillance authorities. A good, or correctly completed, declaration can prevent further questions and in this context avoid further expenses.