Marketing Materials Compliance Guide

The aim of marketing is to establish a company's products or services on the market and to increase sales figures. In no case should it harm your company - neither by damaging its reputation nor by direct disputes with customs and market surveillance authorities. However, many marketers are not aware of their legal obligations when using promotional materials and marketing equipment. Therefore, safeguard yourself with all products that may bear your brand name and logo and protect yourself with the steps described in the Marketing Marterials Compliance Guide when procuring these promotional items.

Products that bear your brand name must be in perfect order.

Surely you can agree with this. And you certainly invest considerable resources in safeguarding your own products. You also create technical documentation to prove to third parties that products are state of the art. Why do you do this? Because it is required of you by law. But perhaps also because you want to protect a brand and your company - from liability claims, fines and bad press.

Perhaps you have already guessed, but legal requirements also apply to all marketing materials and advertising media. Depending on how you use these materials, you are considered a manufacturer, quasi-manufacturer, importer or distributor and must take into account and ensure various things regarding the marketing materials.

A few steps to professional handling of marketing materials

You do not need to build up expertise on the advertising materials you use - your suppliers should already ensure that. What you do have to deal with, however, is the role of the economic operator that you assume when using them. This requires knowledge of the relevant legislation and a risk assessment of your specific situation. The Novelty Compliance Marketing Materials Compliance Guide can provide you with both of these and thus give you concrete instructions for action for your procurement, marketing and sales.

Protecting your business

Legal requirements

Guidelines for action

The Marketing Materials Compliance Guide gives you an overview of the requirements of common advertising materials and the legal requirements you need to consider. The guide is written in an easy-to-understand manner and can be used by employees without prior knowledge. Once you have defined your risk appetite, you can then use the CC (Compliance Chance) to define measures and checklists for the advertising material staff. We would be happy to advise you on this process.

For the following marketing materials and promotional goods:

Marketing Materials Compliance Guide

by Novelty Compliance
Net (incl. 19 % VAT: € 593.81)
  • Guideline for the legally compliant procurement and use of advertising media within the EEA
  • One hour of personal support for implementation questions


For all companies that use promotional and marketing materials in the course of their business.

A detailed guide in German and English for the use of advertising media as a PDF.

By appointment, counselling can take place by telephone, telephone conference, video conference or in writing by e-mail. The offer includes a one-hour counselling session.

You will usually receive our offer within three working days. After financial processing, you will receive the documents after two working days at the latest. The personal consultation will then take place at a date of your choice.

The documents can be adapted to your specific needs. Please contact us in advance.

Typical promotional products are covered, such as: toys (e.g. key rings), electronic products (e.g. power banks), items of clothing, measuring equipment (e.g. metre measure), food containers (e.g. coffee mug), paper products (e.g. calendars), protective clothing (e.g. bicycle helmet). Other product groups can be added on request - please contact us in advance.